Technology in Second Grade!

Students in all second grade classes at Woodrow are learning new tech skills to launch them into the evolving world full of technology! Teams of students collaborated in a coding activity using a variety of tech tools to program a robot to perform a task, which required the robot to move along a course and cross the finish line. Students each had a job, from "programmer" to "troubleshooter", and they all had to work together in teams to persistently solve problems. Not only did students have a blast, but they also had an opportunity to learn to communicate, work collaboratively, use a variety of tech, and implement strategies to solve problems!

Woodrow's McDonald's Dine-Out Night

Students and their families were greeted and served by Mrs. Davis and their teachers at McDonald's on a Thursday night. The event was a huge success and hundreds were in attendance! Students were excited to see their friends and especially thrilled to see their teachers working behind the counter at their favorite fast food restaurant to raise money for the school. In all, Woodrow families and staff helped raise over $800 that will go towards enriching learning opportunities at Woodrow for our students! We would all like to say thank you to the PTA for organizing this exciting night!

Students in Mr. Hargis's class return from winter break to find a crime scene in the classroom! Students learn to infer what could have taken place at the crime scene by making observations and using the clues as evidence for their case. In the end, students determined that it was a mischievous elf and his friends that made the mess!

Blankets for Meals on Wheels

Winter Festivities at Woodrow!

All three second grade classes cozied up in their favorite blankets, accompanied by their favorite stuffed animal, for a movie and hot cocoa as part of the festivities before winter break!

First grade students in Mrs. Bigelow's class enjoyed cookie decorating to bring in the holidays!

Students also had a blast in a science and art activity making wet snowflakes!

Holly Day at Woodrow -- 2017

Second Grade Christmas Play

Second grade students did a spectacular job in capturing the audience's attention with their adorable Christmas play, "The Holiday Blues". Watch the full performance here!

Dance Factory Performance

Students enjoyed a special Holiday performance by the Dance Factory on Friday! The ballet included favorite holiday music and a few surprises that will surely catch the students' attention!

Look for video of the performance here, coming soon!

Mrs. Davis Is Back!

Mrs. Davis has made a strong recovery and is back at Woodrow this week! Please help us in giving her a big, warm welcome back! We are so very excited to have her back just in time for an exciting time of year during the holiday season!

We would also like to thank Mr. Ferreira for stepping in to help Woodrow in this time of need. He will be returning to Sherwood Elementary, where he is principal. It has been a pleasure to have him and we are sad to see him go!

Second Grade Field Trip

Second Grade students visited the Gallo Theater in downtown Modesto on Friday the 8th to see "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and it was a great performance! Students now feel ready to put on their own play performance, coming soon on Thursday, December 14th! Do not miss it!

Second Grade Field Trip to the Gallo