Code of Conduct


The following behaviors may result in an automatic suspension from school:

Physical injury to another person, actual or threatened; disruption of school activities or defiance of school authority; commission of obscene acts or engagement in habitual profanity or vulgarity; damage to or theft of school or private property; possession or sale of drugs, alcoholic beverages, or intoxicants; possession or use of dangerous item.

Other behaviors that result in a disruption in the school environment may result in a suspension.

Students who are suspended are to remain off-campus the entire time of the suspension. The parents will need to attend a conference with the principal and teacher regarding the suspension.


As all school are, bullying is taken very seriously at Woodrow Elementary. We strictly follow the District Guidelines for both reporting and investigating bullying. If you would like to know more about the bullying policies at Woodrow, please visit the school office or talk to your child's teacher.