School Information

Breakfast and Lunch Program

A breakfast and lunch program is provided in our Multi-Purpose Room. Breakfast may be purchased for $1.00 and lunch may be purchased for $2.00. A free or reduced breakfast/lunch is provided to eligible families; an application is available in the school office. Please pay lunch money in the MPR any day before school or in the Office. You are encouraged to pay by the week or by the month.

Milk may be purchased separately. The cost of milk is $.40 or $2.25 per day. You are encouraged to pay by the week or by the month for milk also.

We encourage you to fill out an application for Free and Reduced lunch available in the Office or visit

Lost and Found

Each year boxes of unclaimed clothing are donated to needy families. We do our best to return items to the children when they are marked with some identification. Please put your child's name on his/her clothing. Any items found on campus are placed in the lost and found area on the side of the office near the flagpole.


Information from both the school and your child's teacher will come home in a variety of ways, including the Wednesday folder, Phone Calls home, newsletters, and our website. This communication from the teacher, school, and district is important to keep you informed of events and information about school. Please establish a routine with your child on transporting information between school and home.

Visiting the School

You must check into the office and sign in when visiting the school. You will need to wear a nametag to help maintain a safe and secure educational environment. If you find it necessary to take your child out of school during shcool hours, you must come to the office and sign out your child.

School Concerns

When a parent feels he/she has a school concern or problem, the concerns should be addressed directly to the adult staff member involved. If the situation is not resolved, the next recourse is consulting with the principal. We appreciate your cooperation.

Classroom Interruptions

We recognize the value of uninterrupted learning time. Therefore, announcements and interruptions in the classroom will be kept to a minimum. Students are much more prepared to learn if they know of any after school plans before they start their school day. If you need to communicate with your child during the day, we will help you by giving a note to your child's teacher. Teachers will receive notes at noon and after school.